El Raval


El Raval derives from Arabic and means Suburb. For centuries El Raval was the neighbourhood to which many immigrants came to Barcelona. First from other regions in Spain, later from all over the world. Although in El Raval you won’t find as many old walls as in The Gothic Quarter on the other side of Las Rambles, but here you’ll see the many different faces of Barcelona. El Raval is multicoulored and vivid, sometimes it seems to be a quarter under construction, somewhere between tradition and gentrification.

Discover e.g. MACBA, Rambla de Raval, Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu, Sant Pau del Camp, Les Drassanes, Liceu, Palau Güell, Mercat de la Boqueria

Ideal for guided tours by foot, by bike and Sightjogging.


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